We aim to bring about a behavioral change among people regarding our planet. We do this by showcasing what idols in the pop world are already doing. This will leads to fan imitation and will generated group pressure to change for the better. Through smart use of social media, we enhance interest in living a more sustainable life by sharing powerful information and inspiring climate-friendly behavior change.

A better life in harmony with nature on our planet.

We want to utilize the “stage” of famous personalities and the social media addiction of many individuals for a meaningful purpose. Famous personalities and viewers can influence each other and set a good example through #sostotheworld videos. We want to demonstrate what we can do instead of what we can’t do

Participation in environmentally friendly and climate-conscious behavior becomes much more appealing. Larger audiences are reached. A power crowd creates group pressure. Pressure encourages people to take action. People don’t want to be left behind and more contributions are made to climate objectives.


Business Form:

Website – As a base and for more information.
Social media – The platform where #sostotheworld spreads and where the activities will primarily take place.

What’s the plan:

We want to establish a website called “SOS to the World” and connect it with popular social media channels. This website will be launched by a renowned international artist who creates a music video at the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the climate message and the consequences of our actions can be vividly portrayed. The artist will be filmed from above, sitting on the seabed on a small sandbank during low tide. As the tide rises, they will be standing in the water. The song will be relevant to the content. The video will conclude with a climate message and a call-to-action/link to the website: and hashtag:

We focus on the positive and want to showcase the individual contributions we make, rather than focusing on what we don’t do. We provide a platform for famous personalities to convey this message. They create simple home videos with their phones, demonstrating the positive contributions they make. For example, they take you into the kitchen to cook vegetarian meals, film themselves on trains, save insects in their homes, plant flowers in the garden, and so on.

By doing this, famous individuals appear more credible and emotionally closer than politicians, scientists, or activists who try to dictate your “climate homework” from a distance. Each SOS video concludes with the question, “Will you support my SOS too? For more information, visit Thank you in advance!”

Under the motto of “leading by example,” visitors will be inspired. The famous person invites the visitor to support them. Name, age, and country are requested to be filled in. During the video, three visible counters will be continuously moving, allowing everyone to see the level of support for the famous person’s good example. On the page of this SOS video, visitors are cleverly provided with various information on the topic the famous person discusses. This includes shocking facts, tips, books, movies, products, charities, and even a formula to calculate their own ecological footprint.

Visitors can also create their own #sostotheworld video with their own good example and share it on various social media channels. This way, visitors become part of a positive story they can actively contribute to. Even if people only see the #sostotheworld video without visiting the website, our goal is already achieved. The overarching idea behind this plan is not just about individual SOS actions but about how people unconsciously contribute to a larger goal. It becomes cool and enjoyable to showcase what you do to make a difference.

Social Media
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